Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Squirrel Proof Feeders

Droll Yankees Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Are squirrels getting into the bird feeder? Are they consuming large quantities of bird seed and damaging the feeder beyond repair? Then stop those pesky critters from raiding the feeder with one of the squirrel proof bird feeders listed in this article!


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You see those pesky squirrels love the bird seed that is in the bird feeders squirrel proof . Those unprotected feeders can be taken over by those intelligent squirrels that figure out through trail and error how to get to the bird seeds. If those pesky squirrels were easy to fool, you would not be here studying and looking for a squirrel resistant feeder! Well we are here to help you select the best and most squirrel proof bird feeder for your backyard.

Most of the feeders that are squirrel proof will provide protection that will prevent damage and bird seed consumption by those pesky squirrels. Testing of these feeders has proven to be 99% successful in field testing and most customers are very pleased with the feeders.

Squirrel proof feeder are great for allowing birds and squirrels to enjoy co-existence while preventing damage and those squirrels from stealing the bird seed. But keep in mind as you study bird feeders that no squirrel proof feeder is 100% guaranteed to keep every squirrel out of the feeder. Those pesky squirrels are very determined when it comes to feeding and those critters can eat a lot more bird seed than a tiny bird.

Types of Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

On this site you will find a wide variety of good quality and effective squirrel proof bird feeders that come in a large range of styles and shapes. There is a squirrel proof version for almost every type and style of bird feeder. There are dome shaped, metal cage, motorized, and weighted feeders.

Dome shaped feeders

The most simplest design features a dome shaped cover that fits on the top of the feeder. These dome shaped feeders are designed to hang on a string, rope or chain from a tree and prevent the squirrels from gripping the bird feeders squirrel proof. They simply slide off the dome top before reaching the food. The down side of the dome style is they tend to be larger and may put off some birds from using squirrel proof bird feeders. The most effective dome styles are those that have clear Perspex baffles because the birds as still able to see the food inside the feeder when flying overhead.

Duncraft 169 Squirrel Proof Pavillion Platform FeederThis pavilion-style platform feeder from Duncraft is designed to accommodate birds of all sizes. These bird feeders discourages bushy-tailed visitors with its Squirrel Blocker screen system. Adaptable for hanging or post-mounted displacement. The Squirrel Blocker Covered Platform wild bird feeder is 14.75 x 11.75 x 10.5 inches high. Includes injection-molded plastic roof. Helps keep seed dry. Squirrel-Blocker screen system lets birds feed and stops squirrels. Stainless steel hanging wire included. Built-in post mount fits any 1″ diameter post. Excellent drainage. Easy-to-clean with no need for tools to disassemble.

Metal Cage Feeders

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders that have a metal cage around the seed container are becoming very popular. Essentially these type of feeders consist of a tubular feeder which has an extra cage around it. The cage is designed to allow the birds to reach the seeds with their beaks with the distance between the wires small enough to prevent squirrels from reaching the seeds.

Duncraft 171 Squirrel Proof Selective FeederThis Duncraft Squirrel Proof Selective wild bird feeder holds about 1-1/2 lbs of mixed seed. 10″ diameter wire fenced area keeps out larger birds and squirrels. 15-1/2″ tall with 6 feeding stations. The wire base on this feeder allows discarded seed to fall to the ground, keeping squirrels off the feeder, and attracting more ground-feeding birds. The feeder contains seed in a 15-1/2-inch recycled polycarbonate tube. Birds perchon six metal seed ports to eat. A metal cage-style casing surrounds the tube, keeping pests away by allowing only small birds to pass through the gaps in the casing to dine. A metal cap tops the feeder to thwart damage from eager claws and teeth and Duncraft’s squirrel-lock secures the tube inside.
Gardman BA01276 Squirrel Proof Cage Seed Bird FeederIf you’re battling pesky squirrels, then this Squirrel Proof Feeders is for you. It’s guaranteed to defeat those determined bird seed raiders. It has a simple yet very effective mechanism that uses gravity to protect feeder contents. When the squirrel tries to climb on to the feeder from above, the body weight of the squirrel lowers a protective sleeve, which covers the feed. The feeder has two perches and two feeding ports with a clear polycarbonate tube. The quality feeder is manufactured from strong stainless steel and aluminum, the sharp teeth of a squirrel do not stand a chance against the cage. There is a strong steel hanger and suspension clip that comes with the feeder.

Motorized Bird Feeders

The more advanced and entertaining options are the motorized feeders. Some of the motorized feeders will spin around when a squirrel lands on the feeder and tries to get to the seeds. This motorized motion will not harm the critters but soon will stops the squirrels from coming back and trying again to eat the seeds!

Droll Yankees YF Flipper Bird FeederThe Yankee Flipper has a motor-driven, battery-powered, weight-activated perch ring that throws the squirrels off when they try to get at the bird seed. When a squirrel steps on the perch, the motor starts up making the perch spin, and flipping the squirrel off the feeder. The unit comes equipped with a rechargeable nickel-cadmium power stick battery and a battery charger that plugs into standard 120 volt wall outlets. The sturdy stainless steel wire hanger is rust proof. It a 21″ long tubular feeder that has a 5 lb seed capacity. Metal cap fits snugly so that squirrels cannot pry it off. 4-1/2″ diameter seed tube is made of UV stabilized polycarbonate for durability. The tube is long enough preventing the squirrels from hanging down from the top and getting the seeds. Interior is properly baffled to direct seed to the seed ports. There are four seed ports in the tube. The metal parts are painted with a forest green finish.

Weighted Squirrel Proof  Feeders

Another advanced and entertaining bird feeder is the weighted squirrel proof bird feeder. These weighted feeders will either close the feeding hole preventing access to the seeds or tip the perch over when the heavier squirrels try to get on the perch. Most bird feeders are designed for use by small birds, however if larger birds are using your bird feeder just check their weight to ensure the feeder does not close or tip over.

Heritage Farms 7533 Absolute Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Feeder These feeders are designed with an adjustable counterweight that closes the access ports to the seed when a squirrel or a heavy bird tries to eat. The feeder prevents wasted seed. The metal construction is damage proof by aggressive squirrels. Sloped seed hopper directs all seed to the feeding ports. Includes a metal hanger that is heavy duty and it comes with a multisection steel pole if you want to pole mount the feeder. Features windows above the feeding stations. Squirrel will not be able to damaged the clear, polycarbonate windows. These feeders comes in durable forest green finish. Large 21/2 gallon capacity.

Homestead 3201S Super Stop A Squirrel Wild Bird FeederThis bird feeder refuses seeds to those pesky squirrels for bird-watching all year round. The Super Stop A Squirrel Feeder has spring-activated ports that will close under the weight of squirrel or a bird. The feeder is designed with a heavy duty steel hanger for optimal stability because this unit’s has an 11-pound (2-gallon) seed capacity. The unit mounts to a 1/-1/4-inch pole with the included mounting clip (pole not included). The feeder can also be post- or tree-mounted with mounting hardware included. The seed level is visible through a large seed window for timely refills. There a removable seed bin for easy filling. Side/storm panels shield birds from wind, rain, and snow as they dine. Made of heavy-duty, rust resistant galvanized steel, this feeder is built to last. A durable forest green finish blends with the trees.


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The Battle Against the pesky Squirrel!

Squirrels through trail and error can learn how to empty squirrel proof bird feeders as quickly as you can fill it. After you first put up the feeder it might be amusing–but after some time, the expense of continually filling the feeder can add up. Many veterans of the battle against squirrels warn us that if those pesky critters want to get to the seeds in the feeder bad enough, nothing will stop them. But others that enjoy watching those little birds feed in the backyard say that there are ways to squirrel proof the feeder. As you think about buying and were to put your bird feeders squirrel proof remember that squirrels can jump from 7 to 10 feet from one object to another. They can jump vertically up to 5 to 6 feet. From above, squirrels can also drop 9 to 10 feet to the bird feeders. If the first location does not “squirrel proof”, keep trying. Here are some basic tips that will help you battle those pesky squirrels:

  • Install a Baffle. A baffle is an object that is placed between the feeders and the squirrel. They are usually platter-shaped or conical shaped objects. The purpose of these baffles is to prevent the squirrel from getting to the feeder. Some bird feeders come with a dome-style roof that is designed to act as the baffle.
  • If possible, do not place your bird feeders squirrel proof in the territory of those pesky squirrels. Try to place bird feeders away from tree limbs. Try stringing a line or a rope between two trees trunks or between two poles and hang the bird feeder in the middle of the line or rope. You could even place some grease on the line or rope to add another layer of protection.
  • Mounting these bird feeders on a pole can work. The pole needs to be smooth some like PVC, to prevent the squirrel from climbing up it. If the bird feeder comes with a pole you could put the pole through a piece of PVC for the smooth surface. You could also add some cooking spray to the pole ….the squirrels will slide right down and squirrels will not be harmed.
  • You could design and build a special area in your yard that will divert those pesky squirrels away from your bird feeders.

One of the best way to ensure squirrels are not getting to the seed is installing one of the many squirrel proof feeders.

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